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7th"Roads of Wine" Festival 2019!

A special event titled "Roads of Wine in Rodini", focusing on unique Rhodian wines, our local tradition and local gastronomy, is being organized by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Rhodes as part of the 7th Annual Evening Celebration on the 7th Annual Feast Day. August 24, 2019, in the unique Rodini area.

In the area of ​​love and affection, where memories are unchanged from generation to generation, in Rodini, the municipal authority and personally the Mayor Mr. Fotis Hatzidiakos and the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, International Projects and Overseas Rhodes Ms. Marisa Hatzilazarou, Visitors to the island, locals and foreigners alike, can enjoy a special night, a night of intense emotions, reminiscent of old and carefree summer nights in Rhodes.

All the activities and actions of the Municipality of Rhodes and the Department of Tourism of the City of Rhodes have as their main focus the further promotion of the island as a unique tourist destination, highlighting the forms of alternative tourism available, including local traditional gastronomy.

An event starring mainly wine, where local businesses will showcase their products and bring to the world rich local food and delicacies, sweets and all the products of traditional Rhodian cuisine. The festive atmosphere will end with a rich program of traditional music and dances from local bands.

" - we live here, let us show you around"

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