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Elderly Tourism in Rhodes! An Ambitious – Great Plan!

Rhodes Island has been among the first preferences of the mature ages for years. Today things changing for good and in order to attract even more people from this big target group. The aim is to make them feel safe in our island and offer them services, activities and health / medical treatment (when needed), which will make even more of them choose Rhodes for their holidays and enjoy the beauties of our island!In a meeting recently held in the South Aegean Region, the main subject was the training of nurses and hotel workers who will take care of the elderly tourists who will come to Rhodes for a short vacation.

This pilot program , which launched earlier this year , aims to the extension of the tourist season and the creation of new job openings, consisting the result of the joint efforts and cooperation of the South Aegean Region (Department of Health and Safety /Public Health) the Hotel Association of Rhodes and the Department Greek-German synergies of the German Ministry development.The German Groups, DEKRA & USS in cooperation with the South Aegean Region will take care of this program for 25 employees, who will take theoretical courses of 160 hours and on top of this 80 hours of practical exercise.

The courses will be related to :

  • Nursing and care

  • Maintain of mobility

  • Disability – motor system

  • Key features of diabetes mellifluous type I

  • Health and care

  • Pain and trauma

  • First Aid

  • Elements law to care

  • Home economics and nutrition

  • Mental illness and mental disabilities

  • Fundamentals of dementia diseases

  • Therapeutic Approaches

  • Contact / Co – Operation with the elderly teams

Although that the graduates of this program will be honored with the title of «companion–caregiver of elderly German tourists«, we are confident that the benefits will be multiple of the mature age in general, regardless the nationality, as a result of the skills / abilities / experience will have gained via this training / process!




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