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The Fab School of Astronomy at The College Of Rhodes Island!

The School of Astronomy completed five weeks of interesting courses . Topics that were discussed, include the uranography , measuring time , the cosmological model of the Universe from Antiquity to the Revolution of Modern Astronomy , the Solar System , all new data for Planets, Comets, Asteroids, Music of the Universe, the newly discovered planets in other Solar Systems and the search for life in the Universe.

The School of Astronomy will continue for another 5 weeks. The topics will be covered, are relate to the sun, the birth - evolution - death of stars, galaxies, black holes, dark matter and energy, birth and evolution of the universe, cosmology etc. The lectures are aimed for those who admire the sky, wondering about the birth and future fate of the universe, or speculate on the possible existence of life elsewhere in the Universe .

Students and adults are more than welcome, regardless if they have prior knowledge of astronomy or not! In addition, those that astronomy consists one of their hobbies or who want to learn how to look up in the sky but also amateur astronomers and astro – photographers can also join!

Classes take place every Saturday between 10:00 to 14:00 at Rhodes College . Speaking to the public and astronomical night observation with telescopes of the Observatory «Evdimus» hosted at Rhodes College site and included in these courses!

Do not miss it out!




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