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Memories and Thoughts from One of Our Island’s Guests! Unique Rhodes!!

This guy and his 78 year old mother owned a small business run from the back room of their small house selling a few veg and serving drinks. They had the benefit of setting up a few tables and some very comfortable chairs in a small square beneath a large tree which provided lovely dappled shade.

The drinks were the cheapest in town and beer was served in glasses that had been kept in the fridge so it didn’t warm up and lose it’s flavour as quickly as some of the other more trendy tourist rip off cafes.

We called it our Oasis and as I sat enjoying the peace and quiet I suddenly realised that they would make a perfect final photo to a lovely holiday. This is one of the numerous reasons Rhodes is an amazing island! Simplicity made this place unique and so much desirable! Keep on visiting Rhodes!




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