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Afandou Great Apricot Festival 2014!

On Sunday afternoon, the 29th of June 2014, the first apricot Festival will take place in Afandou Village and specifically in the idyllic setting of the monastery of Our Lady Catholic (Panagia Katholiki) located near the beach of the village.

The event supported by the South Aegean Region (Section of Civilization & Culture), whereas responsible entity of the festival is the «Association of Culture and Environment of Afandou – Lady Catholic (Panagia Katholiki)».

Mr Nicholas George (president of the association) stated: «Afandou Village has a long tradition of apricot production, as consists one of the oldest and most important, apricot producing areas on the island of Rhodes».

One part of this agricultural area, where apricots used to be produced, became the golf course, as such, lost the apricot and combined with the tourism development of the region and the opening of the highway Rhodes – Lindos. The tradition is however there and locals wish to revive it, through this apricot festival.

Afandou is known to produce a variety of his famous apricot, called apricot of Paul (Tou Pavli) , produces also the apricot jam and the famous Afanteno (sweet / preserves) made ​​of Afandou apricots.

Because the festival takes place is in the middle of the tourist season , several hundreds of tourists from nearby hotels expected to visit it, having a great opportunity to try our local products , enjoy folk dancing our traditional dances and thereby advertise and abroad traditions and customs of our country .

Do not miss this out!




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