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Rhodes Island Consists the Most Cost Effective Summer Destination, Cause of Its Sun!

Rhodes, with cost of 60 crowns ( about 6.5 euro) occupies the most economical place among the 30 Top Selling beach destinations. The Nordic bank Forex created an index that calculates the cost per hour of sun in about 30 holiday destinations for Swedes. Specifically measures the daily sunshine, divided with the cost of an average package holiday to this destination.

So for example if Rhodes average daily sunshine is 10 hours, during the summer months and the average vacation package costs EUR 65 per day then, according to the Swedes invented the index , the cost per hour of sun is 6.5 euro ( 10h/65 € = 6,5 €)!

Specifically , Rhodes , with a cost of 60 crowns ( about 6.5 euro) ranks first in the list, and in the same list, you will also find Athens (capital of Greece) with a cost of 102 crowns ( about 11 euros ) per day , occupying the 11th position! In contrast , the highest cost per hour sun , we meet in London with 394 crowns per day! Isn’t it amazing?!




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