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Rhodes and Lindos Among the Most Photographed Places Globally, as per Google and Panoramio!

Google has seen fit to one-up them by releasing a heat map that gives us a more visual representation of the most photographed places in the world. The photo data was pulled from Google Maps Panoramio service, which strives to attach geo-tagged photos to locations in Google Maps and Earth so that users of those services might get a better feel for the location they’re digitally exploring.

The areas shown in bold color on the map, are the most popular. Stand out at first glance, Rome, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, Monte Carlo, Budapest, Prague and Istanbul, which occupy the top ten positions. In Greece Athens is in the 35th position worldwide and the Lycabettus hill in 1st place in Athens.

In The Top 5 of Greece, except Athens, included: Santorini, Mykonos, Chania, Rhodes, Corfu, followed by Thessaloniki, Nafplion, Meteora, Zakynthos, Lindos & Arachova.

Well done Rhodes & Lindos!




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