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A Video Clip with Approx 400k Views in a Few Days, Gives Lindos a Great Commercial Exposure!

The girl band «The Saturdays» from G.B, made an important tourism advertising to Lindos and Rhodes Island, Greece. A few days ago, after visiting the ‘Emerald’ island (Rhodes) and with a three-day shooting mainly in the picturesque harbor of St. Paul and in other main streets of Lindos, they created the amazing official music video clip, for their new song, «what are you waiting for».

Video clip surpassed 364.000 views, after being posted on youtube, only, on the 29th of June!

In the meantime, young boys and girls from the neighbor villages of Lardos (such as, Raphaella Koukouvai, Helen Vassilakis, Louis Wilburn, Miriam Chatzimanoli, Liza Rassudow, Katerina Mechili) and Gennadi (Ervis Mutsi), had the opportunity to take part and play their small role! According to our young friends, this was a unique experience! In fact all they had to do when they learned about this venue and in order to take part in this video filming, was simply, to send an e-mail with their name and age. Those who were chosen, got a reply message, informing them about the day and time should be available for the purposes of filming.

A few words about the band:

«The Saturdays» is an British–Irish pop girl band consisting of Una Foden, Rochelle Humes, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford and Vanessa White. Since 2008, when they first appeared on the music scene in Great Britain, they have been counting 13 songs that entered the top-10 of the UK charts, whereas they have sold more than 5 million cd in England and Ireland! Their song «What about as», in December 2011, arrived immediately at number one in Britain, as only the first week of release it sold 114,000 copies.

To view their video click on the video below




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