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Roads to Rhodes Marathon 2014

Join us for the inaugural Roads to Rhodes Marathon and experience all the ancient and medieval history of the island and the old town as we run through the moat along with the spectacular views of the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea. Come enjoy the great people, food and live Greek music!

Route descriptions:

The Marathon will consist of an out and back loop starting with a small climb to the spectacular views looking down at the Aegean Sea, followed by a long downhill, then many kilometers of flat Aegean Sea coast and 2 kilometers of hard packed dirt through the Moat surrounding the castle and finally finishing with a small climb toward the Apollo Temple and into the Ancient Stadium. The Half Marathon will follow the same scenic route as the Marathon but runners will turn earlier and head toward the Ancient Stadium. Ten kilometers runners and walkers will do loop starting and finishing at the Ancient Stadium.

Refreshment stations:

There are aid stations approximately every 2 miles to include water and electrolyte drinks, music and a swag bag.

Entry fees:

Marathon Until 31st of May: 40 € From 1st of June to 31st of July: 50 € From 1st of August to 28th of September: 60 € Half marathon Until 31st of May: 30 € From 1st of June to 31st of July: 40 € From 1st of August to 28th of September: 50 €

Ten Kilometers Until 31st of May: 20 € From 1st of June to 31st of July: 25 € From 1st of August to 28th of September: 30 €

Time limit:

Marathon runners must finish in 6 hours in order to be an official finisher.

Age limit:

The minimum age for participating in the full marathon is 18 years, and for the half marathon 15 years.

Additional info:

All participants receive a performance running shirt.





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