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Sunday the 10th of August, the Greatest Full Moon of the Summer!

On Sunday, 10th of August, the sky will be filled with the biggest and brightest moon of all time. The August Full Moon or «Hyper Panselinos» ( the greatest of the full moons ) will be the closest one to the Earth and shall captivate all of us!

Specifically, the August full moon Sunday, will be 14% closer to Earth and 30% brighter compared to other full moons of the year!

Every year four to six … «Hyper Panselinos» appear, with the first one for 2014 to be on new year’s eve (1.1.14). This was followed by a second on January the 31st and after the stunning full moon of August, there will be another one on September the 9th.

The most impressive of all is that the full moon will be accompanied by a spectacular rain of stars, «The Perseids»!

The falling stars will enhance the romantic mood of the full moon further, but will be visible in dark areas and away from the artificial light of cities.

So if you have the chance take your second half or your friends and visit one of the island’s dams, secret beaches, mountains, away from the big resorts or the city of Rhodes. With a nice chilled bottle of wine and the best mood you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and romantic night, overlooking the full moon and the stars, dancing and falling around it!




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