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Wedding in the Air! They Got Married at 30,000 Feet in the Air Space of Rhodes Island!

A young man from Belgium prepared the best surprise for his partner when he proposed her, but at the same time and had planned their wedding ceremony, on the plane from Bruges in Belgium to Rhodes Island!

The 24 year old Alexander Serruys from Belgium has always said to his 20 year-old partner, Marieke, that his desire was to propose her in a beautiful and unique way / place, whereas as she stated later, she believed that this proposal would be in a soccer match, but Alexander probably made the difference…

Specifically , the 24 year old took part in a competition organized by a tour operator in Germany, the day of St. Valentine , entitled : » If you could marry your girlfriend in the air , would you ? » And Alexander won the contest which had as prize, the organizing of the wedding, while flying, on their way to Rhodes! On top of this, they were offered their honeymoon on the island of the Knights, Rhodes!

The prospective groom arranged with the assistance of the bride’s sister all the details for this unique wedding. Furthermore, 40 friends and family members of the couple, had been invited on this «over the air» ceremony, being well hidden, on the back of the aircraft. The bride’s sister misleaded the first, by telling her, that their two ones, had won in this competition a free trip / holiday to Rhodes.

Groom and relatives remained hidden in the back seats of the aircraft until the moment when the 25 year old man, appeared kneeling in front of the astonished girl and asked her to marry him!The only thing that Marieke (the bride) managed to mumble was, how her partner left his job and is in the plane, whereas when recovered from the shock of that unexpected surprise, accepted the proposal of her beloved!

Then the bride’s sister made ​​sure to bring the well-kept dress and a makeup artist who was invited specially for the event painted the bride the most beautiful day of her life! The pilot of the aircraft undertook the «priest’s duties» and married couple. When the plane landed in Rhodes, a big wedding party was expecting them, especially organized by their travel agency.




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