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12th Strawberry Festival in Rhodes!

Strawberry Festival, Rhodes 2019
12th Strawberry Festival of Paradeisi Village, Rhodes

The weekend between the 11th and 12th of May, 2019, Paradeisi Village (Airport Area) will host for one more year the always successful and magic, Strawberry Festival.

It will be the 12th time, this is being organized by the Region of South Aegean, D.O.P.A.R and The Cultural Organization of Paradeisi, Villanova.

Guests will be given the chance to taste for free but also buy Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Preserves, Jams and Marmalade as long as several other goods produced by this amazing fruit.

Its common that Paradeisi Village is famous for the high quality of strawberries produced around, which are being consumed within Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands, as well as exported in various other placed of island and mainland Greece. On top, the production of Strawberries consist a very important sector of the local economy.

Lots of dance, music and songs by Rhodes island cultural teams will be escorting this unique and beautiful 2 day fiesta!

Do not miss it out. Be there!

Place: Central Square / Preliminary School of Paradeisi Village

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