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In total 24 Blue Flagged Beaches in Rhodes!

In total 24 blue flags will be flown this year on the beaches of Rhodes , according to results released yesterday by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature! The Blue Flag awards, are very important and give a competitive advantage to the tourism destinations. Tourists and travel organisers taking under very serious consideration, the fact that Rhodes, has been awarded with so many Blue Flagged Beaches, which is one of the main reasons guests have been visiting our beautiful island! This year, we managed 4 additional flags against 2013, which is fantastic!

Beaches awarded, follow:

  • Municipality of Rhodes

  • Kiotari

  • Lardos

  • Afandou

  • Faliraki

  • Faliraki A- Harbour Ammoudes / Kavourakia

  • Faliraki Kallithea

  • Faliraki Mando

  • Faliraki Kastraki

  • Traianou

  • Vagies

  • Tholos

  • Net East Aquarium

Well done to all and we look forward to seeing all of the island’s beaches receiving a Blue Flag in the near future!




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