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Kathara Deftera (Green or Clean Monday) in Archangelos Village...a traditional festival, counting ye

Particularly unique was the celebration of the Halloween in the Archangelos of Rhodes, a village that keeps the traditions and customs of the past centuries, from generation to generation. A crowd of people was found the day before yesterday

, Clean Monday in the "mosquitoes" and "bleach", which prevailed alongside the feast, the disguises and the satyra.

All villagers and visitors dye black faces and circulate so throughout the Clean Monday.

Those who do not do it on their own are obliged to do it, even with the livelihood, while the village visitors also have the same fortune. Part of the celebration is also the "flourishes" in which large and small people are doing, making even more special the celebration of Clean Monday in the specific village. The custom of "mozzoms" has its origins several decades back and, according to some folks, it is a remnant of Dionysian feasts.




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