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7th Istrios Village Winter Camp (16th to 18th of March 2018).

The Cultural Association of Istrion "Agios Merkourios" was founded in 1983 with the purpose of highlighting the cultural wealth of Istria, the values, customs, customs and traditions of our village. The contribution of our club to all of this is important, while the course of our club is remarkable on the island of Rhodes in general. In recent years, our club has been staffed mainly by the village's new oil, continuing its offer to the commonwealth of our country. Among the most important moments in the history of our club are the concerts held in Istria by 2013, with leading artists of rock and art music, such as V. & I. Papakonstantinou, G. Haroulis, S. Malamas, Psarantonis and many others while the Winter Camp, an event without financial transactions, has been held with great success so far. Finally, the Cultural Association of Istria "Agios Merkourios" is a founding member of the Federation of Cultural Associations of Rhodes since 2013. In our small and beautiful hamlet, for the 7th consecutive year, the Istrian winter camp, the largest alternative event in Rhodes, organized by the Cultural Association of Istria "Agios Merkourios" in co-organization with the South Aegean Region, with the support of the Municipality of Rhodes and a multitude of volunteer groups. The Winter Camp of Istria began with an idea of ​​a team-member of our club - and quickly found many supporters, friends of our village and club, both local government and all the voluntary groups as well as its businesses of our island, have supported and continue to support the event. The Istrian Winter Camp, held in Istria, at the crossroads, is a non-profit event, since any form of financial transaction is forbidden, and the organizers are free of charge since they are mostly sponsorships and donations from various businesses island. Going to Istrian Winter Camp, we leave our wallet home, and we are preparing for free camping in the woods with musical local shapes to alternate on stage, trekking to the waterfalls of the area, horse rides and various activities for young and old like flying fox, horseback riding, yoga, zumba dance etc. Of course, entry is free for everyone. On March 16, 17 & 18, March, all roads lead to beautiful Istria for a special weekend at the 7th Winter Field Camp. Bring your tent, leave your wallet home, get in your best mood, and come to spend a unique ParaskevSwith Kiryakos escaping from everyday life and the rhythms of the city. Before you start your journey, make sure you leave your wallet home and have the standard equipment for camping: • Stage suitable for winter, • Substrates or layers of sleep, • Sleeping bag, suitable for cold, • Lenses or lanterns, • Food and drinks, • Dishes, forks, glasses and finally, • Garbage bags, because the good camp does not leave garbage where he is camping. After you've got all the above, load your car, fill your batteries and wait for you ... at 7th Winter Camp Winter !!!




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