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First Rhodes island guests to arrive, last week of March 2018!

The first charter of this year's tourist season arrives in Rhodes, on Sunday 25th of March, opening officially summer season 2018, which is about to start with the most optimistic messages. This is an Austrial Airlines flight, that will land at DIAGORAS airport at 8 am, coming from Vienna. As a welcome of the first tourists on the island, the municipality of Rhodes and in particular the tourism department is preparing a reception with a festive character. A similar event will be held at Rhodes Port on Wednesday 21 March at 1 noon, up on arrival of the cruise ship Costa Neoriviera, the first to dock Rhodes port for this year. According to information, vessel will be almost fully occupied. Summer season in Kos opens also very early and specifically on the 5th of April, when the first charter is expected to reach the island. In particular, the first international flight of the year will be performed by Transavia, which will be carrying to Kos Dutch tourists.

Well done Rhodes & Kos! Well done Dodecanese Islands! Best wishes for this exciting Summer Season!




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