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On The Beach ranks Rhodes, among the top 10 European beach quality destinations for 2018!

The leading U.K online travel giant, On The Beach, has recently ranked Rhodes island, among the top 10 European Beach Destinations, considering the quality of our Beaches after and extended research took place among the millions of guests their traveling annually.

Rhodes, with 26 Blue Flagged beaches, included among the preferred summer destinations for our British guests.

In order for a beach to be awarded with a Blue Flag, it should meet several strict criteria, including but not limited, to cleanliness of the beach and its waters, safety and security, popularity and much more.

It is common that Greece is famous for the quantity and quality of our beaches, whereas Rhodes has made lately an amazing progress, with the assistance and support of the private and public sector, but moreover the residents of the island, who trying hard to guard the beauty of our island.

An other great achievement for Rhodes and 2018! Well done On The Beach -Well done Rhodes, looking forward to welcoming our mutual guests!

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