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First airplane race rally, taking place @ Maritsa Airport, in Rhodes!

The Hellenic (Greek) Aerospace Federation in cooperation with Rhodes Air Club organizing this weekend (20th - 22nd of April) the first General Aviation Flying Rally.

The historic airport of Maritsa in Rhodes, will host for 3 days this great event. One engine air crafts from all over Greece, have been invited to participate along with athletes from the Cypriot Aerospace Federation.

Venue starts today, Friday the 20th, with the arrival and welcome of the air-crafts and crews, as long as the relevant briefing by the racing committee.

Racing part of the venue, will take place tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, when each air-craft manned with 2 crew, will fly over Rhodes Island (within designated area), performing a skillful flight and detailed approach. At the end of the day, committee will announce the score per participation as long as the winners.

On Sunday the 22nd, air-crafts shall be departing island of Rhodes.

Entrance in the venue is free of charge on Saturday, between 11.00 - 13.00.

The entire race consists an idea and result of the efforts, of Rhodes Air Club, in an aim to promote the specific sport but also attract aviation lovers in the island of Rhodes.

If you are around, do not miss this out, as consists a great / unique experience!




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