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New fab Catamaran on daily routes between Rhodes, Dodecanese Islands and Turkish Coastline!

A new, modern and tech advanced speed Catamaran will be serving this year the island of Rhodes, connecting it with daily routes to Symi, Leros, Patmos and Leipsoi!

The beautiful Iris Jet will also be connecting Kos to Leros and Patmos, as long as Bodrum to Symi and v/v, giving the chance to the guests of Greece and Turkey but also locals, explore the beauties of Turkish Coastline and the Aegean Sea Islands.

On top Leros is expected to be connected to Patmos and Turgutreis!

The joint venture between Kampouris Travel (RHO), Travel Way Kos (KGS) and Iris Jet (TR) expected to assist the maximum, guests moving between the islands of Greece and resorts of Turkey, whereas Iris Jet offers reliability, speed, comfort and high level of safety.

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