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Visitrhodespedia V1: The Unique Castle of a few words!


Monolithos is located 73 kilometers southwest of the city of Rhodes. It is a very picturesque village that impresses with its alleys and its stone-built houses. Its name is due to the huge monolithic rock that stands above it and at its top there is a castle from the time of the Knights. Today Monolithos is inhabited by approximately 350 permanent residents.

History On the rock during Classical times there was a frycotry and later a Byzantine castle that was restored by the Knights of the Order of St. John in about 1476. As evidenced by the worn-out coat of arms over the gate, the construction took place when Grandmaster D'Aubusson (D'Ombudson, 1476-1503) held the command of the battalion. A 1479 decree states that the inhabitants of Apolakkia had to resort to it in case of an attack. The purpose of the castle was to oversee the entire southern Rhodes and provide protection to the residents from the attacks of the pirates. Because of its location and the excellent natural fortification, it has been one of the four strong fortresses of Rhodes and probably never wasted. It is nothing more than the history of the castle. Logically, after the siege of Rhodes in 1522 and the departure of the Ioannites, it must have fallen into the hands of the Turks. We can also assume that it would lose its usefulness until the 17th century with the weakening of piracy and since it was not very convenient, it would gradually be abandoned. From the castle you can see the islands of Halki and Alimia as well as Asia Minor.

Architecture The external fortification of the fortress is kept in good condition. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the interior. Within the castle enclosure there are tanks, parts of the towers and galleries, as well as the sanctuary of Saint Panteleimon.


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