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Rock Climbing Festival in the beautiful island of Kalymnos, 5 - 7 of October 2018.

Rock Climbing, Kalymnos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

From 5 to 7 October, Kalymnos Climbing Festival, co-organized by the Dodecanese Sports and Culture Department, the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Kalymnos will take place in Kalymnos. The Kalymnos Climbing Festival is considered to be one of the best festivals of its kind, attracting 700 or more climbers from different parts of the world. The three-day event, which has both athletic and cultural appeal, has helped to make the climbing sport more popular and to be loved by more Greek and International athletes. The mountainous island with its wild landscapes and imposing rocks, made up of excellent quality limestone, without vegetation and sharp spots, are ideal for climbing. The mild climate, easy access to climbing routes, certified by professionals for the standards and safety of the climbing field, make Kalymnos unique in climbing. Although Kalymnos is commonly referred to as "the island of sponge divers" because of the fact that the Kalymnian sponge tradition is lost in the depths of the centuries, the island today is one of the few tourist destinations in Greece that operate all year round. The rich seabed of the island, with reefs, caves and wrecks, creates the right setting for diving enthusiasts as well. Besides, Kalymnos operates the only Greek State School of the West. Each year, besides the "heights" through the climbing festival, the Kalymnos conquer the seabed, as the annual Diving Festival takes place on the island, which brings together the interest of tourists and professionals from all over the world.

Rock Climbing, Kalymnos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece



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