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An other record year for Rhodes!

According to A.M.N.A and Rhodes International Airport Diagoras, managed by Fraport Greece, September 2018 has been enjoying an increase of 9.25% on arrivals vs last year, whereas in total and between January - September 2018 and the same period during 2017, the increase has been up to 8%!

This means, that the island goes the right direction in terms of publicity and popularity and an other record year is to be reached soon!

In actual numbers and including domestic flights, biggest capacity of which, comes from transit visitors, flying via other main or regional airports of Greece, to Rhodes, the first 9 months of 2018 the arrivals on the island have exceeded 5million!

Medieval City Of Rhodes, Greece, Summer 2018

If on top of the above we add the hundreds of ferries from Piraeus port, but also the catamaran and speed boats from Marmaris / Bodrum / Fetiye Turkey to Rhodes, then we could certainly look at a much higher figure in between 6-6.5million of arrivals!

Numbers are certainly amazingly promising and the focus of the local authorities and business community, has now been in the fast and proper improvement & further development of the island's infrastructure, quality of services offered in the accommodation / recreation / restaurant and bars sectors, as long as health, transportation, traffic management and more.

Last but not least and worthy to mention the fact that cruise and yachting / sailing sectors have been growing more and more year on year, with the efforts of Rhodes Islanders to be on improving it even further. For clarity in the above numbers Cruise ship visitors have not been taken under consideration as not overnighting locally. The estimation though would be an other 150-200.000 people!

Well done Rhodes, well done Greece! Its now time to focus on the quality of services offered.


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