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Volotea connects Athens with Rhodes, as of Summer 2019!

Volotea connecting Rhodes to Athens, summer 2019

The Spanish Air Carrier Volotea, which has been connecting Athens to Santorini / Crete & Mykonos, has announced that as of April 2019 will be flying 4 times a week to / from Rhodes Island!

An other successful carrier, putting trust to the brand of our island, newly (in progress) rebuilt / renovated airport managed by Fraport and of course the always increasing demand for Rhodes.

Volotea will give the option to our Italian guests, visiting our island via Athens (apart from only directly - see further below). Moreover the company announced that will be connecting Croatia / France to Athens, which will have the same result for Tourists wishing to visit us from these respective countries.

Its important to highlight that the decision of the carrier, will increase further the domestic / international arrivals of the island, offer a significant transportation solution to those guests wishing to make an island hopping between Rhodes / Crete / Mykonos / Santorini (always via Athens) and last but not least, create good competition with Elinair / Aegean Airlines - Olympic Air already flying down here, so that the tickets prices from / to Athens being decreased and brought back to more reasonable levels.

Volotea shall be flying from / to Rhodes as of the 26th of April and till at least end of September, 2019 with the fast, safe, comfortable and reliable fleet of mainly, the 125 seater Boeing 717.

The company has been operating in Greece, some year now. A small part of their fleet based in Athens, connecting Greece's capital with the above mentioned islands and main Italian Cities, whereas they have been flying to various Greek Summer Destinations (except for the above, earlier mentioned) to various islands (such as Zante /Kefalonia / Skiathos / Samos / Karpathos etc) from Italy ( and as of next year Croatia / France) directly.

Volotea has already been connecting Rhodes to Napoli / Bari and Palermo on an annual basis (summer routes). The company carries more than 20million passengers per year with vast majority of their operations to take place in Italy / Greece and Spain. With one base in Athens, 2 in Spain, 5 in Italy and 5 in France the company flies to 83 European Cities.

Let us all wish lots of success, clear skies and best of luck to them, looking forward to seeing them expanding their program between Athens / Rhodes during Winter as well!

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