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Cyprus Airways connects Larnaca (Cyprus) airport to Rhodes as of Summer 2019!

Cyprus Airways has reported the dispatch of ticket sales for flights to Rhodes for the 2019 summer season.

Cyprus Airways will fly Rhodes, each Tuesday and Friday, beginning on July 5, offering two classes of charges, Basic and Flex. The Flex offers extra administrations, for example, 23kg things remittance, 10kg lodge pack and seat choice, giving travelers the choice to alter their movement encounter.

Cyprus Airways operates flights to Europe, Russia and the Middle East on a cutting edge armada of Airbus A319 flying machine with a limit of 144 Economy Class seats.

Rhodes consists an old time classic summer getaway for the Cypriots and vice versa. Furthermore, lots of young Rhodians study in the famous Cypriot universities. A great and convenient way to get back to their island, after classes finishing late June and before they start again late August.

As Larnaca airport consists a hub for Emirates / Qatar / Royal Jordanian / MEA among other Gulf / Middle East airlines, this will also give the chance to Middle East guests, change flights and visit easily Rhodes.

Looking forward to welcoming the revamped and renowned Cyprus Airways, at International Airport of Rhodes, "Diagoras" and of course establishing a mutually beneficial, long term cooperation / connection between these two amazing islands!

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