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Rhodes Island is Far More, than Amazing Beaches….Check Out What Can Do for You!

What makes Rhodes Roads special. Why opt for us.

We are a team of locals or people who have come to love Rhodes and gone native. Our primary concern is to protect nature but also to help others explore every corner of it. We offer a homely atmosphere and welcome anyone who chooses alternative tourism with open arms. Our goal is to allow them to rest, recuperate mentally and physically to go back strong to their day-to-day lives with vivid holiday memories. We feel lucky to be in this blessed landscape that combines European and oriental culture due to its interesting history.

We want to share this place with new visitors and allow them to fall in love with it. We know better than anyone else on the island, the hidden and remote secrets of the countryside and can safely show them to Rhodes Road’s new friends.

Our aim is provide real, hearty Greek hospitality, to build up a team spirit and put everyone at ease, so that the whole time spent with Rhodes Roads is a unique experience enjoyed among friends. Our goal is that the people who visited us will leave wanting to come back with the new friends they made on the island. Our team who take you on your exploration of Rhodes’ alternative paths and who accompany you whenever that’s what you want during your stay, are experts and know the history and culture of Rhodes inside out.

They are skilled cyclists too, and with their help you will learn some hints and tips to surpass yourself. At their side, you’ll also learn to communicate in Greek and also how to cook some local delicacies. You’ll even get to take the recipes back home with you. At Rhodes Roads we ensure that every penny or cent you spend is worth it. Your daily schedule is packed with activities and the images and experiences you garner will be priceless.

After many years of taking foreign friends around Rhodes and exploring it with them, we discovered and learned much about the island through the eyes of our foreign friends. Leaving behind Rhodes’ much frequented roads, we took to forgotten paths that served as the old social and trading network between the villages, paths used for agriculture and livestock farming, paths leading to pilgrimage sites and places of religious devotion…And in doing sowe discovered ‘another’ Rhodes. This other, this alternative Rhodes is as equally impressive and stunning as the Rhodes everyone knows…It is a Rhodes dressed in the glorious simplicity of the Greek countryside.

Having acquired knowledge and skills, today we are proud to present our alternative Rhodes to potential friends around the globe who want to explore this island with us.

We look forward to making new friends from all over the world and promise that you will experience unforgettable moments of relaxation and well-being in the hospitable Greek countryside.

Visit today and book a unique / alternative cycling holiday!




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